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Building obstruction light

In recent years, increasing of tall buildings causes risks for the safe passage of airspace. High-structures; Mega-skyscraper projects, business towers, plazas, shopping malls (shopping centers) and residences can be built in several variations. High buildings generally are built in cities or next to the cities so these structures create risks for airports and landing runway. Aircraft should be able to realize significantly all high buildings at least from 10 km distance before landing on the aircraft airspace.Considering also the low-flying helicopters in the city, aircraft warning lights should be not only the the roof of building, lights should be also on all fronts depending building heights and widths. According to ICAO the height of the building is main parameter to decide number of the lights that should be used on buildings. ICAO has divided the height range to 4 main categories;

Building obstruction light Building obstruction light

1) Building heights < 45 meters.
2) Building heights between 45-105 meters.
3) Building heights between 105-150 meters.
4) Building heights > 150 meters.

There is a another spesific design for the building less than 45 meters height which located in 3 km range from the airport.

The number and type of lighs to be used for each category is different. Besides the height of the building, width of the building may also increase the number of lights.

Well known or most commen international and national standarts to apply for aircraft warning system are ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) andFAA (Federal Aviation Authority).The national standard is  TSHK (Turkish Civil Aviation Organization) standard.

According to the type and height of structure WETRA low, medium and high intensity aircraft warning lights meet the ICAO Annex 14, FAA and TSHK standarts .

WETRA aviation obstruction lights are resistant in all weather conditions, extremely in hot and cold weather conditions. Work and alarm status of WETRA aircraft warning lights can be easily traceable and also current monitoring can be integrated into the system.

Choose lights and system for your structure according it's features


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